About Online Loans Pilipinas

Online Loans Pilipinas is a fintech platform that caters digital financial solutions in response to Filipinos needs. We are focused on online micro and consumer financing and we aim to uplift the financial well-being of customers.


We provide fast and easy service financial solutions to every Filipino’s financial needs without office visits, collateral and complex approval process or waiting in a queue.

Online Loans Pilipinas offers an inventive, consistent and quick way to deal with customer loan products, enabling us to adjust to your changing needs – serving you with high business morals and transparency.

  • Fast

    This is Online Loans Pilipinas' first rule. We ensured that everything necessary will takes a few minutes for you to finish an online application. Right after approval, we also ensured that you can get your cash quickly through your bank account and provide better offers for our loyal customers.

  • Convenient

    Skip the lines and filling up of paper forms. We provide a simple application process - from filling out our online form to receiving your loan to your bank account. We make sure that everything is completed with just a few clicks from your mobile device or computer.

  • Transparent

    We gain trust from our clients by being straightforward with your loan details. We ensure that you are properly educated regarding loan terms and conditions.

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